Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sodapop, Gladiators, Slavery, RL Friends, and A Thing Called Sleep

Been hella busy for the last few days. Yesterday I worked 10am to 10pm. Was not a very good day for me. I got home and was very exhausted, so I just called it a night. Slept almost 12 hours, so that was a very good thing. Made me feel really good when I woke up this morning. Sleep like that is something Jerbear can definitely recommend.

I've been watching the show Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Pretty good show. Although it overdoes sex scenes and definitely over uses the word cock. Other than that, and the 80's like gore film quality gore scenes (during fights and what not) It's pretty good. Something that would definitely take a few episodes to get into. I'm sure later on down the road it's gonna go all Prison Break on us and get shitty, I mean how long can he stay in captivity as a Gladiator without it becoming shitty? Season 1 is worth a watch though, so check it out. :)

I'm trying to stay awake and check everyone out, but all of the Mountain Dew in the world, and I'm still exhausted. Spent most of the day with my friends Paul and Alan. Just goofing off and what not. Fun times. Man, this was supposed to be like a triple blog, but my life just isn't interesting enough to have whole page blogs. :(

Maybe tomorrow I'll blog about a topic that you guys all select. Everyone make a suggestion and I'll pick 1 really really good one, or 2 just regular good one, or 3 really short crappy topics. Also, feel free to ask me anything about myself. I'll put that in there for everyone too. After all, I owe every one of my dedicated, devout and wonderful followers for all of the support I've gathered in such a short time. Thanks again for everything you guys do. Makes me happy to matter in a strangers life for just a few minutes a day. It means a lot to me, it really does.

And we are not without another Hater Bot episode today. Thought I'd keep it out of the title so it would be a surprise. This one is kinda long, but oh so worth it. Til next time ladies and gents.


  1. Nice lovin it :)

    supporting and following you daily. hope you will do the same for me too ;)

  2. Cool story, bro! Following and supporting!

  3. Funny stuff. I can relate, been studying my ass off. Tomorrow too.

  4. I subscribed to the people who make Hater Bot (:

  5. I wish I could get 12 hours of sleep...

  6. 12 hour shifts are the worst bro.

    followed & supported hard.
    much love